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Bishop Mario Ford is the Founder of Logos International Fellowship, located in Brooklyn, New York and has been pastoring for over 15 years. Bishop Ford is a native of the Republic of Panama and was married to his beloved wife, the late Kathleen (Marcie) Ford for 29 years until the Lord called her home. He is the proud father of one daughter and two sons, Bethany, Kristian, and Timothy.

He is currently retired from the New York City Department of Education. He holds a Bachelors’ of Arts in Instrumental Music Performance and a Master’s of Science in Education Administration and Supervision.

He was “Born Again” in April 1980, at the United International Christ Crusaders, later known as, Love Fellowship Church, Inc., under the ministry of the late Pastor Nellie Leakey.  He later joined Pilgrim Church in 1989 and was ordained Pastor of the Pilgrim Church of Bushwick in 2003. He served faithfully within these local ministries.

Most recently, he was elevated to the Bishopric by Pilgrim Assemblies International, Inc., under the leadership of the late Archbishop Roy E. Brown, the Patriarch and Establishmentarian.  He has ministered at numerous local congregations and institutions throughout the United States, Canada and abroad where he proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After 17 years, Bishop Ford retired from pastoring and installed Pastor Denese Hall as the Senior Pastor of Logos International Fellowship.


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