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Jesus offers you a special kind of life. Along with our physical life, we need a spiritual life. That is the life that Jesus offers. When Spirit life combines with our physical life we perceive differently, we conceptualize differently, we have different attitudes, we make better decisions, and we have a better life experience.


Jesus offers you true freedom and genuine liberty. (Luke 4:18 - John 8:32)


True liberty is the ability to function as designed. Jesus taught not to suffocate us with rules and restrictions, but to empower and liberate us to function according to His design. Jesus offers the best economic theory so that we may find the best economic solutions. (Matt. 6:33)

All individuals, communities, and countries have economic need. God acknowledges those needs. But He offers us an innovative, elevating, and non-destructive approach to economics. We must first seek to understand the system of management by which God governs all that He has made. This leads us to discover the economic system that brings prosperity without exploitation.


Jesus offers an amazing system to deliver the benefits of His kingdom. (Mark 10:29)


These benefits include material goods, great fellowship, great inspiration, great sense of security, and an adequate sense of worth (significance). His church is to be that delivery system. Don’t Get Robbed! Find a good church, and join, participate and support!


Jesus offers you emotional health, fulfilling work, and peace of mind. (Matt. 11:28-30)


God designed each of us for a unique work. When we find it we are functioning according to design. That is when we find emotional rest and satisfaction in our work. It is a satisfaction that money can never buy.


Jesus offers you an amazing Helper! (John 14:26)


The Holy Spirit is your Amazing Helper! We say Amazing because this Helper is continually by your side, to teach, to remind you of God’s word, to coach, to strengthen you, and to be your advocate in areas where only He can do it. Truly amazing!


Jesus offers you Peace. (John 14:27)


Because He is the “Prince of Peace”, He can and does offer us peace that the world cannot give. He gives us that peace on the inside thereby giving us also the capacity to be makers of peace. For centuries governments and peoples have ignored this avenue of peace, and have not found peace. This avenue deserves another look. It is a good reason to accept Jesus.


These are just a few of the many compelling reasons to accept Jesus. By His death and resurrection, He has done everything that is needed to facilitate us accepting Him. If we believe that He is who He said he is and ask Him to give us that special life we talked about, He has given us a guarantee that He will honor that request. (John 6:37)

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